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Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer in Corona

Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDB) exist to help people who have developed or experienced an unforeseen change in their physical or mental ability.  The inability to work and provide for yourself and your family is a genuine hardship — one the attorneys at Savino & Smollar understand very well as we’ve pursued such benefits for countless clients.   SSDB provides income for those who are in need of the benefits, however  the application process can be complicated, tedious and quite selective.  With around 60% of applicants being denied each year, it is no real surprise that most first time applicants are turned away.  For some, these benefits are an absolute necessity, that’s the reason it is very important to have an experienced attorney by your side throughout the process.  Savino & Smollar can assist clients near Corona from any of our three offices: in Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island.

Attaining Your Benefits

There are many disabilities that can prevent someone from having the ability to work. Most underlying, debilitating conditions can make you eligible for SSDB.  Unfortunately, predicated on the rules set by the Social Security Administration – it can take some effort to prove the extent of the disabilities and be eligible for benefits.  This administration has a definition of what is considered a disability.  The Social Security administration defines a disability that would qualify for Social Security benefits as: the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment(s) which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or should be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.  This definition, on the Social Security Administration website, lays out the fundamentals of what would allow someone to get Social Security Disability Benefits.  They are not the only requirements for applicants.  The other important detail is that you must been employed by long enough to be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits, this time period is usually around 10 years in the workforce.

Social Security Disability Benefits may also be available for a “fixed period” of disability, and therefore you do not have to be permanently out of work to make a claim; just disabled from working for a certain time period after reaching eligibility. In the event that you do end up qualifying for these benefits, you could be getting paid monthly if your condition lasts a year longer or if your condition lasts the duration of your life.  With an astounding 60% denial rate for first-time benefit applications, the procedure can be very daunting —  which is why getting an experienced attorney to represent you is of the utmost importance. With a specialist Social Security Disability lawyer fighting for your benefits, the process becomes much simpler and stress is instantly relieved when you are not fighting alone.

Contact an Attorney with Social Security Disability Experience In Corona

Finding a qualified expert lawyer for your case can be considered a frustrating and scary task,  as many lawyers claim expertise in Social Security Disability Benefits law but do not have the qualifications or actual experience to fight through all the bureaucratic obstacles required.  At Savino & Smollar you will get a team of attorneys with specific experience in cases much like yours.  This experience includes a deep knowledge of the law surrounding Social Security Disability cases and a network of industry professionals who’ll investigate your case and identify what’s needed to get you the best benefits possible.  Our attorneys (conveniently located near Corona ) will also walk you through every step of your process to make sure that you understand what has been done on your behalf.  If you are disabled and cannot work we encourage you to reach out to us at our office number 212-732-3333.  Together we will fight for, and obtain the maximum benefits easy for you.