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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Flushing

Suffering a personal injury on the job can be considered a frightening time for some with the stress of earning money and the stress of legal proceedings in the way.  For this reason a Flushing workers’ compensation lawyer can be extremely beneficial. More often than not, employees do not file lawsuits against their employer with a work-related injury.   If injured at your work place, one would file a claim with the workers compensation board.  The workers’ compensation system in New York ensures injured workers receive financial compensation for “on-the-job” injuries or illness rather than needing to bring the matter to court.   When working with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer –  the system works to pay the bills and address medical bills for injured workers.

Attorneys that are experienced with workers’ compensation take the shortcuts you do not know about, saving lots of time, stress, and aggravation.  The benefits that workers’ compensation injured employees have entitlement to include:

  • Funds for medical expenses
  • Payment For Lost Wages
  • Training rehabilitation
  • Payment to dependents where appropriate

There are 4 different types of workers’ compensation categories found in New York: Temporary Partial, Temporary Total, Permanent Partial, and Permanent Total Disability.  There are different criteria for different kinds of workplace accidents, varying in amount paid to the hurt worker and length of time the injured person is compensated.  You can ask the question, what kind of injuries are eligible for worker’s compensation payments? A number of the injuries the state sees frequently are: head and neck injury, extremity (arms/legs/hands/feet) trauma, repetitive stress injuries (neck/back/carpal tunnel syndrome), construction site falls/accidents, crush injuries, etc.  

Workers Compensation Complexities

Workers’ compensation claims and the laws/regulations around them are complicated.  Your rights to receive advantages from your  employer’s insurance provider  must be protected. It takes a well-versed lawyer to understand what can be done to make that happen.  One main issue brought upon by insurance companies is the dispute over the severity of the injury and when the injured worker can return to work.  Far too often injured workers who need continued health care and income replacement have their benefits postponed, denied, or cut-off.

Third-Party Liability for Workers Compensation in Flushing

Although the employer is liable for workers’ compensation benefits when there is an injury at the job, oftentimes there is also third-party liability caused by the same accident.  Through hiring an attorney, this potential third-party liability can be discovered, resulting in an additional injury lawsuit filed against the third-party.  In Flushing, third-party claims may bring you additional settlement and punitive damages  for most of the losses a personal or workplace injury has caused.  These losses include: past or future medical bills, loss of relationship with spouse, lost income, emotional distress and mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of potential earnings, and disfigurement/scarring.  To find the value of the claim, contacting an experienced attorney is the first step in the right direction.

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