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Construction Accident Injury Lawyer in Jamaica Queens

Construction is one of the most physically intensive industries so it is no surprise that the construction workers are some of the most prone to injury.  Construction ranks in the top 10 of America’s most dangerous jobs with a large number of employees harmed or killed due to injuries on the job, unsafe working conditions at the  jobsite, and other factors resulting in serious medical problems.   Although it is said that most catastrophes on construction sites can be prevented, when they actually occur you need a qualified attorney to take care of the multiple and complex aspects of these claims.  Almost all construction accidents in NY result in in a Workers’ Compensation claim.  All construction companies, including General and Sub Contractors in the state of New York are required to have workers’ compensation insurance to compensate injured workers both financially and by providing proper medical care.  Too often injured workers attempt to navigate this challenging process on their own, causing themselves more stress.  Having a skilled and aggressive lawyer at your side can make all the difference between getting the limited benefits the insurance provider wants to give you, versus getting the maximum benefits you deserve.   

Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys

Each year, New York sees hundreds, if not thousands of construction site accidents.  A number of these accidents result in severe physical injury, psychological trauma, and, unfortunately, many deaths.  While some injuries are purely accidental, many are the result of negligence of a third-party.  In addition to claiming medical and cash benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Law, several accidents result in significant third-party lawsuits brought against one or more liable parties.  When you cannot sue YOUR employer in New York, you can file claims against other responsible parties, including General Contractors, Sub Contractors, building & land owners, equipment owners & manufacturers and others.  Whether your injury is caused by a scaffold shift or collapse, faulty or poorly positioned ladders or steps, unsafe machinery, wall/ceiling/floor collapse, vehicle negligence, improper or lack of safety measures on the job site, a claim may be created your behalf.


We have an amazing and experienced team of Construction attorneys who have fought for and won huge amounts of money in settlements for our clients.


For over 50 years, our attorneys  have helped workers in Jamaica Queens (and the surrounding area)  recover settlements from construction accidents.

There are several ways you can be hurt on a construction site- from the negligence of a General Contractor, to the actions of the Sub Contractor and everything in between.  There are also many ways you can recover money from such accidents and injuries.  Our lawyers will identify the liable third-parties and bring the appropriate action in Court.  Our trial attorneys are experienced litigators and negotiators who, on case after case, secure the maximum settlement for our clients.  


Construction Accident Cases We Handle In Jamaica Queens

The concept of workers’ compensation is intertwined with personal injury as it pertains to construction accidents.  While our attorneys are fighting to secure weekly payments and medical benefits for you under the Workers’ Compensation Law, we are also focusing on the liable parties who may be negligent in a Personal Injury suit due to the same accident.  

Being one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, construction has a very broad definition of what a workplace injury is as there are almost infinite possibilities as to what could happen on the job.  With an infinite amount of possibilities, the investigation may become difficult as all outside factors need to be considered, mainly by the insurance company. Examples of accidents on construction sites include:

  • Worker falls from unstable scaffolding or ladders
  • Scaffold and ladder collapse/ shift
  • Crane collapse/shift
  • Falling over debris on the construction site
  • Falling from ANY height
  • Wall and ceiling collapse
  • Falling through floors or improperly covered spaces
  • Electrical Shock.
  • Falling objects
  • Being pinned between, on or under materials
  • Struck by vehicles
  • Saw, drill & other machinery accidents
  • Faulty Machinery
  • Chemical burns

These are only a sample of how you can be injured.  Each fact pattern presents its challenges.  That’s why having a qualified and experienced attorney at your side is crucial to obtaining the maximum possible benefit. In additional to statutory Workers’ Compensation benefits, our experienced Personal Injury attorneys will seek the maximum benefit for you, including payment for:

  • Disability and permanent injuries
  • Future medical expenses, including prescription drugs and home care
  • Monetary damages for Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of income and/or inability to earn a future income
  • Death claims
  • Benefits for spouse and children

Why Must I Hire a Construction Accident Attorney in Jamaica Queens ?

You can find so many reasons why you need an experienced New York construction lawyer working with you. An aggressive lawyer can:

  • Investigate your construction accident;
  • Deal directly with your employer and insurance company so you can concentrate on your recovery;
  • Demand compensation for your medical expenses, lost income and more;
  • Arrange a medical evaluation if your employer orders you to return to work and you need more time to recuperate
  • File a lawsuit on your behalf if your accident was caused by someone doing work for another company.

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Contact a Jamaica Queens Lawyer with Construction Injury Experience

Choosing a good lawyer is the most important step in the beginning of a complicated Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation construction accident case.  With many options to choose from, we believe that it is important to let our potential clients know what they are getting when they have a Savino & Smollar attorney.  Our attorneys have a deep understanding for the laws surrounding construction accidents as we’ve dealt with countless cases in these areas.   Our firm also offers connections to a network of industry professionals that will assist investigate your accident and identify liable parties.  Our attorneys will fight their hardest to keep your rights protected and to help you try to get the best compensation easy for your injury.  If you feel as if you have a legitimate construction injury claim please visit our website www,savinosmollar.com or call us at our office: 212-732-3333 to go over your situation and possible remedies.