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Repetitive Stress Injury Attorneys in New York City

Repetitive stress injuries, otherwise known as repetitive motion injuries, are regrettably common in a lot of New York workplaces.  Being some of the most devastating types of injuries, they occur all over the body, most commonly in the hands, arms, and neck.  These kinds of injuries damage the tendons, nerves, and muscles from years of improper and excessive use.  These injuries can be as painful and debilitating as injuries that come from serious accidents. Completing the same repetitive task for months or years can cause trauma resulting in orthopedic injuries. Although it is commonplace for workers, current and retired, to write off these injuries as a part of the job, they remain covered under the New York State Workers’ Compensation law.  You may be eligible for ongoing medical care, weekly benefits and permanent injury awards if you have been affected by repetitive trauma injuries.  Oftentimes, there is no specific traumatic accident to trace the injury back to in these repetitive injury claims. Many times they involve a far more complicated kind of workers’ compensation case and hiring an experienced attorney is a wise step in the right direction when pursuing benefits.

Repetitive Stress Injury in New York City

Within the workers’ compensation system, repetitive stress injuries are handled in the same manner as other workplace injuries.  Most businesses in NY are required to have workers’ compensation insurance.  While they are some of the most typical injuries in the workplace, repetitive stress injuries don’t have a specific date and time for you to trace the injury back to, thus making it more tedious to develop a claim.  Many times, injured employees who develop these repetitive stress injuries been employed by for multiple employers over the course of years.  It is crucial to have the right attorney assisting you in identifying the liable employer, obtaining the proper medical report, and filing a timely claim.  There are many different kinds  of repetitive stress injuries, and they come from all kinds of workplaces.  Certain industries have an increased rate of repetitive stress and trauma incidents, including carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, knee & shoulder injuries,  neck & back claims and dozens more.  A few examples of workplaces that are at higher risk for repetitive stress injuries are workplaces that have consistent interaction with:

  • Vibrating Machinery (jackhammers, etc) 
  • General construction (including use of tools like screwdrivers, hammers & wrenches)
  • Computer use
  • Industrial & commercial painting
  • Driving (including bus & train operators, taxi and car-for-hire drivers, etc. 

These above examples are but a few of the industries affected by repetitive stress injuries. These illnesses are serious and require significant medical attention.  Frequently these injuries require continued medical attention for the remainder of a patients’ life, and inhibit a person’s ability to come back to work.  Most Workers’ Compensation laws are complicated and frustrating to non-experts, thus having a skilled lawyer from New York City is of the utmost importance.

Repetitive Stress Injury Disputes

Many times determining the liable party in a repetitive stress claim is difficult and time consuming.  Insurance companies will most likely try to blame each other in an effort to avoid liability. By using a knowledgeable and experienced repetitive stress attorney, using their network of industry professionals, they can investigate your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.  Without a team working to prove your claim and getting you the benefits you will need, getting compensation becomes quite difficult as insurance companies look for just about any excuse to not pay for medical and indemnity benefits.

Contact A New York City Attorney with Repetitive Stress Injury Experience

Pursuing a claim for workplace injuries can be complicated & stressful but having a skilled lawyer by your side makes the process faster & easier.  At Savino & Smollar we have Repetitive Stress Injury expertise and will fight to protect your rights and get you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.  Insurance companies will try to blame your injury on outside causes, but our attorneys will help you prove that your injuries are due to on-the-job repetitive bodily stress.  If you want to discuss your case, call us today at 212-732-3333 or visit our website