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Occupational Injury Lawyer in NYC

Being involved in a work related accident can be one of the most frustrating situations an individual can go through.  With a large number of workplace injuries occurring in the areas near NYC each year, it is no real surprise that all businesses are necessary to have workers’ compensation insurance in the state of NY.  The workers’ compensation system in New York was created to ensure that injured workers receive financial restitution for their work-related injuries or illnesses and never have to bring their claims to civil court.  With the support of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, we will help you navigate the legal side to facilitate funds for medical expenses and making ends meet during recovery.   The legal professionals at Savino & Smollar can do a proper investigation to discover what injuries occurred and who must be held liable.

NYC Occupational Injury Attorney

With insurance being required in NY, workers’ compensation benefits aren’t terribly difficult to obtain after experiencing an injury.  The issue comes with determining the proper amount of the compensation throughout the injury or illness.  Understanding that your claim is legitimate is an important step in the workers’ compensation process.  Once the nature and severity of the workplace injury is assessed, we’re able to move your claim forward in a proper and timely manner.  Types of on-the-job accidents that would qualify for compensation:

  • Construction site, automotive, factory, and commercial accidents
  • Environmental hazards
  • Insufficient training or safety rules
  • Co-worker accidents
  • Amputation due to faulty machines
  • Electrocution, burn, repetitive motion, faulty machinery, and crushing injuries
  • Head or spine injuries from falling objects 

Knowing your claim is legitimate makes the procedure significantly more smooth at the start but unfortunately the law surrounding occupational injury is complicated.  Having an experienced lawyer to help navigate you through this time is vital as they will always fight so that your rights are protected and that you are compensated as much as needed.

Third-Party Liability in Occupational Injury Claims

In addition to filing a claim against your employer’s insurance company, oftentimes there may be additional third-party liability. Through hiring an attorney, this third-party can be determined as being at fault and claims can be brought against them accordingly.  In NYC, third-party claims will bring you compensation for most of the losses a personal or workplace injury has caused.  These losses include: past or future medical bills, loss of relationship with spouse, lost wages, emotional distress and mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss in potential income, and disfigurement/scarring.  To discover the potential value of a claim, contacting a skilled attorney is the first step in the right direction.

Occupational Injury Complexities

Having a personal injury that is distinctly included in workers’ compensation diminishes some of the stress of being injured but unfortunately there is sometimes trouble being compensated correctly.  With thousands of occupational injuries across the state, it is no real surprise that insurance firms look for places to save money.  They do this by seeking to limit the cash and medical payments made in each claim.  Often they will try to diminish the severity of injuries, saying they take less time to come back from than they do or claiming they aren’t as long lasting as the victim says they may be.  The insurance firms have their own doctors who are hired specifically to limit your benefits. Having an experienced attorney by your side provides protection from the insurance company, allows us to fight their doctors, and argue for the maximum amount of benefits possible for your injuries.  

Contact a NYC Attorney with Occupational Injury Expertise

Hiring an Attorney can be a new thing for many people and knowing what you get from it is vital.  When hiring an lawyer from Savino and Smollar you get someone who:

  • Has experience & knowledge in cases very similar to yours
  • Can investigate your injury and place parties liable
  • Will walk you through the procedure
  • Ensures your rights are protected
  • Can handle 3rd party investigations and liability

If you have been injured and need legal assistance for proper conclusion to your case, contact the injury attorneys at Savino & Smollar or call us at (212)732-3333 and visit our website at: