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Healthcare Employee Injury Attorneys in Queens

Healthcare employees live their lives taking care of people that have injuries and illnesses while also being a few of the most at risk workers on the job.  Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and home health employees are all susceptible to occupational injury or illness.  When this occurs, a skilled & experienced healthcare worker lawyer can seek compensation.  With hospitals having the goal of “do no harm” to patients, they put their own workers in danger.  Oftentimes injuries or illnesses suffered on the job will be written off immediately by the victim as an individual accident with no compensation possible.  This is often the case and if the accident makes its way to the employer they will often waive liability and declare that the accident/injury is not covered.  Do not take them at their word as they may not know their own workers’ compensation policy as well as they think.  With the help of a lawyer lawyer at Savino & Smollar, accidents can be investigated and liable parties will be identified, getting the injured or ill the compensation that they deserve.

Healthcare Injuries and Illnesses

The healthcare industry has many inherent dangers.  This does not imply that being injured at work is merely “part of the job.” Injured workers, regardless of the risks involved, are entitled to cash benefits and medical coverage under the New York Workers’ Compensation Law.  Under the law, there is no “fault” involved, and workers do not “assume the risk” while working.  Workers injured on the job, while performing their job tasks, have an absolute right to the benefits provided by their employer under the law.  Some examples of injuries suffered by healthcare employees include:

  • Slips and Falls (on premises or off premises if one goes between patient appointments as part of their job)
  • Moving patients/lifting patients
  • Lifting/carrying supplies and equipment
  • Orthopedic traumatic injuries to extremities
  • Needle sticks
  • Patient violence
  • Disease and chemical exposure

Often these types of injuries will occur and workers will write it off as just a part of the job, unaware that they could be eligible for compensation.  The healthcare industry has almost double the amount of reported injuries as any other major industry in NY, yet speaking out about getting compensation is still a hardship for many workers.  Don’t be afraid to speak up as it is your right as an employee in the state of NY to be compensated for your injuries or illnesses sustained on the job.  Going through this process is difficult for anyone and doing it alone is never a wise decision. Speaking with a skilled attorney located near Queens about your injury or illness is always the best first step towards compensation.

Contact a Queens Attorney with Healthcare Worker Injury Experience

With expertise and experience in healthcare work injury cases, at Savino & Smollar you’ll get an attorney that has only your very best interests at heart.  Having a deep understanding of the law surrounding workers’ compensation and specifically healthcare workers’ compensation, Savino & Smollar attorneys will always fight to keep your rights protected.  With connections to a network of industry professionals and experts, we will investigate your case and identify all liable parties to get you the best compensation possible.  If you feel like you have a valid claim for a healthcare work injury, do not be afraid to reach out to us: 212-733-333 or visit our website at www.savinosmollar.com .